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OverClocked Remix - Voices of the Lifestream FLAC

OverClocked Remix - Voices of the Lifestream FLAC
  • Performer: OverClocked Remix
  • Title: Voices of the Lifestream
  • Genre: Electronic / Jazz / Rock / Classical
  • Label: OverClocked Remix
  • Country: UK, Europe & US
  • Date of release: 14 Sep 2007
  • Style: Chiptune, Trance, Death Metal, Symphonic Rock, Ambient, Hardcore, Hard Rock, Drum n Bass, Experimental
  • FLAC size 2772 mb
  • MP3 size: 2931 mb
  • Record From 4 × CD, Digital 4 disk release


1 Disc Four – Order 45:43
2Big Giant CirclesLiontamerZirconAdrenalyne Kyck (Hurry!)4:12
3Geoffrey TaucerTepidGolden Fields (Farm Boy)3:42
4 Disc Two – Dirge 55:39
5bLiNdBeginning of the End (Birth of a God)4:21
6RellikChasing the Storm (In Search of the Man in Black)2:41
7TweekFrozen Landscape (Buried in Snow)4:08
8Another SoundscapeToo Much Fighting (Fanfare)4:54
9MustinSerenity (Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII)5:31
10Steffan AndrewsJenova Returns (J-E-N-O-V-A ~ Jenova Complete)4:59
11VigilantedjpretzelShort Skirts (Tifa's Theme)3:53
12NorgSnappleManFull Frontal Assault (Let the Battles Begin!)5:09
13LuziaMateria Junkie (Under the Rotting Pizza ~ The Oppressed)4:20
14bustatunezOrichalcon, TheRare Square (Countdown)4:06
15Sixto SoundsZirconLunatic Moon (Red XIII's Theme ~ Cosmo Canyon)5:59
16Pot HocketSleep, My Sephy (Judgement Day)4:40
17Tefneckmotor crazycycle (Crazy Motorcycle)4:55
18DarangenKweh! (Electric de Chocobo)2:25
19PixietricksZirconDeliverance of the Heart (Heart of Anxiety)4:29
20TweekSephiroth's Wake (Trail of Blood)4:40
21HemophilliacEmbraced Empathy (Dear to the Heart)3:05
22Red Tailed FoxShnabubulaMidnight at Club Corel (Mining Town)6:26
23SephireSGXNo Such Thing As the Promised Land (Mako Reactor)5:14
24JigginJonTHydrophone Breakdown (Secret of the Deep Sea)4:33
25FFmusic DjAhead On Our Rave (On Our Way)5:35
26Hy BoundMark of the Beatsmith (Mark of a Traitor)7:20
27Big Giant CirclesEvery Story Begins with a Name (Opening - Bombing Mission)6:49
28 Disc Three – Advent 49:18
29Daniel BaranowskyDamn Those Turks! (Turks' Theme)3:13
30FishyOmnislash (Hurry Up!)4:12
31Dhsu”A Life Without Parole (Desert Wasteland)4:54
32XalephSon of Chaos (Shinra Company)5:41
33DarangenCollision (The North Cave)4:47
34 Disk One - Crisis 55:44
35ShnabubulaStone Eyes (The Great Warrior)4:12
36Pot HocketDaydreaming Again (Words Drowned by Fireworks)3:38
37Star SalzmanAirships Make Me Happy (The Highwind Takes to the Skies)5:06
38Sixto SoundsSuzumebachiZirconScenes from a Memory (On That Day, Five Years Ago...)3:37
39Jeremy RobsonValse Aeris (Flowers Blooming in the Church ~ Aerith's Theme)7:24
40Red Tailed FoxSuco de Melancia (Costa del Sol)4:31
41TrenthianAlien Exploration (Gold Saucer ~ Cid's Theme)3:54
42BladiatorThe Golden Ivories of Gaia (Various Themes)5:59
43TrenthianCrystal Sermon (The Prelude)5:05
44Another SoundscapeGolden Feathers (Racing Chocobos - Place Your Bets!)4:01
45bLiNdFishypixietricksSixto SoundsSteffan AndrewsSuzumebachitefnekBlack Wing Metamorphosis (One-Winged Angel)3:21
46bLindJENOVA Celestial (J-E-N-O-V-A)4:11
47bLiNdLeifoFading Entity (Listen to the Cries of the Planet)6:03
48ZirconNomura Limit (Fight On!)3:18
49Jovette RiveraThe Crossroads (Cid's Theme)4:52


  • ArtistAnother Soundscape, Big Giant Circles, Daniel Baranowsky, Dhsu, Geoffrey Taucer, Hemophilliac, Jeremy Robson, Liontamer, Luzia, Mustin, Norg, Pixietricks, Rellik, SGX, Sephire, Sixto Sounds, SnappleMan, Suzumebachi, Tefneck, Tepid, Trenthian, Vigilante, Xaleph, Zircon, djpretzel
  • DirectorAndrew Aversa


Voices of the Lifestream is an album released by OverClocked ReMix as a tribute to Nobuo Uematsu's score for the widely popular video game, Final Fantasy VII.

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